Sorry to go MIA on y’all! We were busy serving up ice cream around town last week with our new friends from overseas, The Guardian. We’re back now and wanted to give you guys the inside scoop! Flavors included EBT (a classic English Breakfast Tea of course), MegaByte (a vanilla fondant ice cream with a mix of toasted nuts, toasted seeds, and chocolate chips), and Culture Clash (our Signature 5-spiced chocolate ‘Scream). Which would you go for?

"Ryan Giggs has always held a kind of professional distance to his team-mates. He opened his mouth, when it was relevant, and people have always listened. What we have seen in the first week has been more than convincing and the parallels with Sir Alex Ferguson are striking."
"It is clear that Ryan Giggs has been learning from history’s most awe-inspiring football manager. His last speech before the team went on the pitch before the match against Norwich, was spine-tingling in a way that I have only experienced from Sir Alex."
"Some might question whether it can work to go from being a team-mate to the manager from one day to the next. Normally, I have my reservations, but in Giggs’ case, it is another matter. It probably sounds rather naive and impetuous, and I understand people scepticism about any conclusion drawn from the results of four workouts, a game and a day off, but to me we are dealing with a new Guardiola.
"The question is whether he is already ready to meet the enormous potential he possesses. Fortunately, it’s not my decision to make, but whatever the club decides, I’m sure that everyone on and around the team will respect it."
- Anders Lindegaard
สิ่งที่มันกำลังเกิด <3

สิ่งที่มันกำลังเกิด <3


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